Your advantage

Our experience

We also work closely with you above and beyond our advisory services. With both our workflow software and our special training programmes, we offer you the best solutions based on our daily working practice, for your day-to-day working practice.

Whether you embed our software products into your system or our skills into your staff, you will profit long-term from our expertise and experience with psX software solutions and psX training programmes in all your relevant business processes.
Developed based on years of expert advisory work and many specific practical cases, all psX services build on practical situations and can thus be configured for you in individual modular form.

Data Analytics

Turn data into knowledge – with Power BI

We offer customized solutions for you to gain new insights from your data. We model, structure and visualize your data using Microsoft Power BI so that you can focus on what’s really important. Modern, dynamic dashboards and reports simplify your processes and lead to valuable improvements. With our professional expertise, we offer you a different angle on your data from ERP systems, databases or any other data source – according to your expectations.

As a Microsoft Power BI Partner with a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate we also offer customized training for Power BI. Your employees will learn all required skills in order to further develop the reports provided by us and to use the tool independently to benefit your organization.

psX Training

Our knowledge for your benefit

We offer professional training for our core industries: aviation, automobile and transport. With you, we first jointly define the specific content and objectives of the training based on actual requirements in your departments. However, our training has one thing in common: every individual programme is facilitated by highly-qualified personnel with many years of advisory and training experience.

In addition to underlying theory, our training concentrates mainly on practical matters. Our experience and know-how, gained from specific consulting projects, is passed on quickly and permanently to participants. By using practical examples taken from real-life situations, jointly-won knowledge can be applied directly to the daily work process.

psX Mentoring

Extend yourself with us

More than personal coaching, with our mentoring we work jointly with you to succeed, as your sparring partner, side-by-side and directly in your work environment. We pass on our practical knowledge over and above fundamental theory. Always focussing on optimal operative implementation, we show you best-practice solutions for the efficient project management of your current and future challenges.

Our mentoring programme is designed for use at all organisation levels and is always designed specifically for the employee and their specific area of work.